Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

I'm so excited for Christmas. The last few days the weather has been warm, as in short sleeves warm. I woke up this morning and next thing you know there is Christmas snow. Mom, Dad, Grammie, Pop Pop, Baby Reed and I went to visit Sharon and Jim and bring special Christmas cookies and treats. While we were there I played with my favorite puppy Max and then I noticed all the snow coming down. Unfortunately, it was snowing too much so we couldn't make anymore cookie deliveries. Instead, we went to have lunch and waited in a long line to see Santa at the mall. I was so excited to see Santa and play in the Polar Express snow globes. Check out the pictures of my special day. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Dad's handy work writing in the snow.
Santa baby.....ok, it's really Baby Reed in my old Santa Claus costume. He's cute like me.
Making the neighborhood festive for Santa. Complete with Christmas wreaths and snow.

How deep was the snow Riley? It's funny you should ask. My friend Batman and I went outside and determined it's about knee deep. See. Here is Batman in the snow.
Dad, Baby Reed and I at the Polar Express snowglobes at the mall.
Hugs for Sharon for getting me the coolest Batman, Superman and whale for Christmas.
Santa had his reindeers bring me an early gift for being such a good boy while waiting in the long line in the mall. It was the Aquaman I asked for. Thanks for listening Santa, I love it.
Lovingly holding my new toy.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cookie Playdate

I have no school this week and Dad has no work, so what is one to do but have playdates. Thankfully, my friends Bobby and Ben have a very brave Mommy who opened her home and kitchen to a bunch of young kids armed with icing and sprinkles. I was a little late to the playdate as Mom and I had to make sure Baby Reed was all set before we left Daddy. I had a great time playing with Bobby and Ben. I decorated a masterpiece cookie, but my favorite part was playing outside with just the boys....oh and our Mommies too. Thanks Ms. Katie, Bobby and Ben. I had such a great time.

Me and my cookie masterpiece.
A close up of my cookie masterpiece.
Me. My friend Bobby.
My friend Ben.
Practicing our silly faces.
Who doesn't love a playset.
Swinging with my buddy.
Even umbrellas are entertaining when you are playing with friends.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Riley's Christmas Party

Today was the Christmas party at my school. I was very excited about the party. We signed up to bring apple juice, so in the morning Dad and I brought a big bottle of apple juice for me and my friends to share. I was slightly confused thinking it was a birthday party, but I figured it out with all the green and red decorations. My classmates and I are always very excited when parents so up. I was very excited that not only Mommy made it to the party, but Daddy and Baby Reed were able to come too.

Here is a picture of me and all my classmates. We were so excited for the party all day. We had pizza, cheese, fruits and veggies and of course cupcakes. There was even a special Christmas pinata. Everyone had a chance to break the pinata, but apparently we were too gentle. In the end, Dad broke open the pinata for us and candy fell out.

Eating up at the party.

Headed home from the party with a belly full of pizza and sugar.
Reed slept through the whole Christmas party, but here he is after the party. He got dressed all Christmasy especially for my party, what a good brother. Crazy fact, but Daddy wore that same outfit when he was a little boy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Christmas package from Grandma B

When I got home from school today, Dad and I checked the front door and found a special package all the way from Phoenix. My Grandma B had put together a box of special Christmas presents and treats. I was so excited to open the box I could hardly wait. My favorite part of the box was the beautiful Christmas cookies. They tasted so yummy. I think it was Daddy's favorite part too, as they are his favorite cookies.

Smiles for the camera. I love getting mail, especially big boxes. Notice blue Batman in my hand, he couldn't wait to see what was in the box either.
Come on Dad, get the box open already.
There was a Santa cookie, some Christmas trees and a bell, but I picked the Snowman to eat first. A cookie is one of the food groups, right Dad?
Big smiles for yummy cookies. Thanks Grandma B. I love my special Christmas gifts.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The past 2 weeks as a family of four

Here's a post to catch everyone up on what's been going on with our expanded family.

Here is Baby Reed's first trip home.
Aunt Wendy and Baby Reed.
The Blackman boys and their Batman shirts. I'm pretty sure that Baby Reed will be a super hero too.
Daddy and his expanding entourage.
Baby Reed's first swing.
Baby Reed's first bath.
Little froggie survived his bath, though he wasn't very happy.
Getting Ready for Christmas, Santa Baby!
First nap in the bassinet.
Lots of sweet kisses from Mommy.
Green Lantern brought special rings for Dad and I. Being a big brother has it's benefits. Thanks Green Lantern.
First car ride with the whole family. Notice the blue Green Lantern ring in hand.
First breakfast out at Bayley's Cafe.
Playing with Pop Pop.
Being silly.
Playing Green Lantern rings with Dad.
Cool dudes and their cool rings.
Eating Batman pancakes. Hanging with Mom and Baby Reed.
Baking cookies and getting ready to wrap presents.
Getting the cookies all ready for the oven.
All done cooking and ready for a taste test.....they were delicious.
Helping Grammie wrap presents to donate to kids in need.
Reed being lazy while I cook and wrap presents.
First stroller ride. Can you find Rusty, he was walking with us too.
We made it about three houses and my power wheel ran out of juice, so we turned around. I helped push Baby Reed home.
Reed's first unofficial birthday....he's the big one week old.
Reed's first time in his crib for a nap.
Reed's first time in his crib swaddled for night time.
Smiles for Baby Reed.
Decorating for Christmas.
Putting the first ornament on the tree.
I found Mom's santa hat.
Reading the first Christmas story of the season.
Putting up the elf decorations.
Daddy and I went to the comic book store to buy our matching Green Lantern rings...that way Reed and Mom can have our blue and orange rings.
Yeah, everyone has a ring now.
Mom went to Susan and David's engagement party and Dad had his first full night of watching Reed and I. We all survived though I think Dad was pretty tired.

Walking around the neighborhood collecting leaves. I love Fall.
Racing Dad back to the house.
Sleepy Reed.
Sweet smiles from Dad and Reed.
Whoa, that's a lot of memories in just two weeks. We love having you home with us Reed. Happy two week birthday!!